Primanti Bros. #TwitterFries

Since 1933, Primanti Bros. has been famous for putting fries on their sandwiches. What they’re less known for is one of their highest profit-margin side items, cheese fries. Primanti’s, a 21-location chain, asked us to get the word out about their awesome cheese fries while encouraging customers to attend Happy Hour and order them with their new craft beers.

We knew once Primanti fans tried the cheese fries, they’d be hooked. We believed Twitter was the right platform to spread the word, but the community size was  modest at less than 3K followers. We gave our Twitter community their own challenge: Grow to 7.5K followers in seven days, and we’ll give every follower free cheese fries (with any food purchase) for a week. We ended the week with #FryFest, a Happy Hour celebration at one of the quieter Primanti locations. We gave away t-shirts, PB-branded “almost famous” sunglasses and hired a DJ. A live Tweetwall was projected, with tweets about #TwitterFries and #FryFest rolling in.

Primanti Bros.’ Twitter community grew from 3K to 7.5K followers in six days. The campaign generated over two million Twitter impressions and both #TwitterFries and #PrimantiBros trended in Pittsburgh. Sales of cheese fries skyrocketed. Pittsburgh based rapper Mac Miller got onboard and encouraged his 3.2 million Twitter fans to follow Primanti Bros. On the night of #FryFest, Mac wore a Primanti Bros. t-shirt on stage, and made a Vine video of himself eating a Primanti’s sandwich. We ran the promotion every six weeks until the Twitter community had grown to over 15K followers in just a few months. To this day, cheese fries are one of Primanti Bros. highest selling items.