Co-founded by two big-city (New York & London) exiles, LionMaus is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, and powered by a nationwide collective of creative, tech, and strategy talent. Before launching LionMaus we honed our creative, marketing and technology chops on projects with a range of companies, from Deloitte & Touche to the BBC.

We started LionMaus so that we could work with brands and people we believe in. Our obsessive and competitive nature is loved by our clients and dreaded by those we play board games with.

LionMaus Co-Founders:

Tiffany Freisberg, Creative Director
Megan Hickey, Director of Strategy

We’ve heard some pretty imaginative pronunciations, but really it’s just Lion Mouse

Tiffany was born in Germany and her nickname growing up was Maus. We also liked that the 4 letters in each word gave symmetry to the name.

That all depends on who you ask!

Word-of-mouth is the undisputed ideal of marketing – absolutely nothing beats a personal recommendation. Done right, social media marketing is word-of-mouth on steroids. That guy over there having a water cooler conversation with a colleague about a new restaurant? When he takes it to Facebook instead, it reaches 150 of his closest friends. His Yelp review reaches thousands of strangers – for months and years to come. Businesses must meet people where they are – and that’s increasingly on social media. It can shape the conversation, gain insights that can transform a menu or an entire business line, and cultivate word-of-mouth on a grand scale: when a business delivers emotionally impactful content, one ‘like,’ comment, share or retweet can yield a potent and personal endorsement to hundreds or even thousands of people. People are using digital technologies to enhance the experience of their world through interactions with other people, both known and unknown. This is the age of the ‘connected consumer.’ Businesses that embrace this new world will thrive.

A lot of what we do is create compelling content on behalf of brands — content that invites emotional response and engagement, which yields powerful (social) media reach and often, offline buzz as well. We really do mix creative with strategy for every single piece of content we produce and every campaign we create. We ruthlessly study response analytics from past content, figure out what works and what doesn’t and use that as our blueprint for content creation. The first month of any engagement is used to get to know the fan base, after a month, we have a pretty solid of idea of what will work to induce engagement. Our work spans well beyond branded content; we consider every current and potential digital communication touchpoint that consumers can have with our clients’ businesses, and consider how they can be most effectively leveraged to drive value. From email marketing to Google advertising to real-time customer engagement, we obsessively strive to marry strategy and creative in a way that generates results.

Results are based on each client’s or campaign’s objectives. In general, winning typically involves generating large volumes of positive media reach, cultivating a lovable and engaged brand, deriving strategic insights through listening, and proactively responding to and supporting consumers in real-time. It all translates into bottom-line results by driving more loyalty and visit frequency, and cultivating a brand that is poised for continued growth in the new era of the ‘connected consumer.’